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7-Step Program

STEP 1: 

Early Spring - Prevent

  • Pre-emergent control to help prevent crabgrass and other annual weeds

  • Granular fertilizer to aid in spring green-up and help overcome winter dormancy

STEP 2: 

Mid Spring - Preserve

  • Liquid Fertilizer

  • Preserve color while minimizing growth

  • Broadleaf weed control

STEP 3: 

Early Summer - Protect

  • Grub Control targeting grubs before they begin actively feeding

STEP 4: 

Early Summer - Maintain

  • Slow release granular fertilizer designed to help your lawn get through the heat of summer

STEP 5: 

Summer - Control

  • Grassy weed control

  • Nut Sedge control

STEP 6: 

Early Fall - Build

  • Balanced granular fertilizer that promotes new growth, summer stress recovery and root development

STEP 7: 

Late Fall - Prepare

  • Heavy rate granular winterizer

  • Provides for plant food storage, stronger roots and winter hardiness

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