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Earth Right Soil Conditioner Program

Earth Right Super Stuff® is designed to help break up hardpan and tough clay soil. It will help turn unhealthy soil into healthy earth leading to better root growth and enhanced drainage. Microbial action helps long term clay problems.

For places where it’s hard to grow grass or areas where you have poor drainage – applying Earth Right Super Stuff® once in the Spring and once in the Fall will lead to healthy soil throughout your lawn, landscape and garden.

If you have dogs that run along the fence or areas in dense shade you may wish to use the product more often. Be sure to spray around your trees, shrubs and landscape beds. The roots of all these plants need soil with enough room for air, water and root growth.

Earth Right Super Stuff® is all natural. When we work with Mother Nature results are amazing and we are not adding harmful ingredients to our soil or water. Be amazed by how soft your soil becomes and how great your lawn and landscape looks when using a natural program.

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