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Fungicide Treatments

A Fungus Among Us?

Turf diseases almost always first appear as a brown ring or spot in a relatively healthy, green patch of grass. Diseases can appear in your lawn at different times of the year depending upon the type of grass you have. The diseases that attack cool season lawns like tall fescue and Kentucky bluegrass are worse during the late spring and summer months (May, June, July and Aug). Whereas the diseases that attack warm season grasses like Bermuda grass and zoysia grass appear in the lawn during the cool months of the fall and spring (Sep, Oct, Nov and Feb, March, April). Most of these diseases are intensified when the lawn has excessive moisture from rain or irrigation.

It can be difficult to determine the difference between a fungal disease and some other problem that is causing your damage to your lawn. Not every brown spot or brown area in a lawn is caused by a disease. Many things can cause brown areas in the lawn, such as heat, drought, shade, dogs, traffic, soil issues, root zone issues, herbicides, and more.

Let our lawn technicians at Big Green Turf Management help you diagnose your lawn and determine the best course of action to get rid of any unwanted fungus or disease. Call us today to learn more about are fungicide treatments, weed control and fertilization services.

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