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Forest Trees

Tree Injections


The chemical injection that Big Green Turf Management uses goes directly into the conductive tissues, and moves upwards with the flow of water and nutrients. For that reason, it is best to treat trees when they have leaves and are actively taking up nutrients. Treatments provide up to two years of protection. To continue to protect your trees, treatments must be repeated every two years. 


Until the Emerald Ash Borer’s numbers dwindle, continuous treatment will be necessary to protect our remaining Ash trees. It is inevitable that your ash tree will be infected, so don't wait to start treating your tree. If your tree is valuable to you or your landscape, call us today so we can be proactive in saving your tree(s).  Our technicians, can meet you on site to evaluate your tree(s) to see if they would be worth treating. Pricing for injections are determined by the age and number of trees that require treatment.


Borer Holes


EAB Canopy Damage


Emerald Ash Borer

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